How To Start A Grain Free (Paleo) Diet

How to Follow a Grain Free Eating Plan without Feeling Deprived
For many people, shifting from a grain based diet to a grain free one is a pretty daunting task. This is because most would think that this diet (sometimes called a Paleo diet) means giving up all the best-loved comfort foods of a lifetime: bread, pastries, rice, cereals. Actually, it does mean giving up some of those things but the outlook is not as bleak as others would paint it. Those who do look at the grain free diet as depressingly boring simply have not explored all the possible ways to follow a grain free eating plan.
Make a Menu Good for a Week
The first thing you need to do when you do decide to follow a grain free eating plan is to make a menu good for a whole week. Here are a few tips for making a menu that will help you go through an important phase in your new diet:

1. Make a complete menu including snacks, extra munchies and extra dishes. The reason for doing this is that it helps you build a food schedule based on what you want to eat – not one based merely on what is available.
2. Plan a menu with variety. This will make sure that you have your food is never boring. There is nothing as bad for motivation as being bored and feeling dread at the thought of facing a week of broccoli. Remember the only thing you are removing from your diet is grains – there is no need to punish yourself with the poor carrot ten times a week.
3. Include the quantity you need for the food you will prepare. This is to make sure that when you shop you are able to purchase just the right quantity. The thing is, when people buy a big bundle of asparagus they will either try to consume it during the week or leave a lot of it untouched in the refrigerator to harden and wilt. Neither is good for motivation.
Stock up on New Staples
Decide which foods you can buy wholesale. Keep in mind that the usual pantry is full of grain based food – all of which you will be getting rid of. Grains act as fillers for … Read more