How You Can Move To A Grain Free Diet

How to Switch to a Healthy Grain Free Diet
The newest radical direction in diet and nutrition has surpassed the popular Atkins diet and South Beach Diet in its departure from accepted norms. This new direction is the budding trend towards a healthy grain free diet. The reasons for this innovation in diet are many but the most important ones manage to attack some assumptions, which have been the pillars of nutritional beliefs for many decades.
Why Switch to a Grain Free Diet
Among the top reasons for going grain free are the following:
• The sugars in grains feed yeast in the body and make it grow out of control.
• In the same way, grains cause blood sugar levels to spike and crash thereby taxing the pancreas. This also leads to mood swings, depression, weight gain and the development of a pre-diabetic condition.
• Contrary to popular belief, grains are hard to digest and their particles can slip through the walls of the intestines causing the immune system to attack them. This stresses the system unduly.
• Grains can cause inflammation and have been known to worsen symptoms in many diseases.
Tips on Making the Switch to a Grain Free Lifestyle
So you’re convinced that you should adopt a healthy grain free diet but you need some help to start. Here are a few pointers to make the switch a little easier:
• Plan a menu for at least seven days. Include snacks in your seven-day menu so that you don’t have to resort to the usual sandwich or crackers. Remember that whenever you eat grains, your blood sugar spikes, and crashes leaving you with a craving for grains. Your seven-day menu is a good opportunity to wean yourself from the grains cycle.
• Be sure to have fruits and vegetables to munch in your refrigerator. Again, instead of chips and cookies made from grain, let these be your snacks.
• Prepare a lot of soup stock. You can freeze this in separate containers for use as soup, for sauces, gravies, or even snacks.
• Expand the contents of your pantry to inclu… Read more