This Is Why You’re Fat: You’ve Given Up and Given In to Hopelessness

You’ve Given Up and Given In to Hopelessness – And Now You’re Fat!
When it comes to losing weight, there isn’t a magic fix. When you want to shed unwanted pounds, it’s going to take some work, determination and making changes in your lifestyle. But it can be done.
The problem is that many people give up. They give up because they see some results but then gain the weight back. Or they struggle for a couple of weeks, get on the scale, see minimal weight loss, and they get discouraged and quit.
There are five common thoughts people have that cause them to give up and give in to hopelessness when it comes to weight loss. These thoughts can become mental blocks that can prevent you from changing your life.
This Is Who I Am

You can reach a point in life where you’ve carried extra weight around for so long that you associated with your identity. You might not say it out loud, but you think it to yourself.
Instead of thinking of yourself as Jane Doe, you think of yourself as Jane Doe, heavy girl. Or John Doe, heavy guy. You can start to take on the persona of what you silently tell yourself you are.
What that means is that your thoughts become your acceptance. You think, ‘This is who I am’ and your thinking will sabotage any weight loss changes that you ever attempt to make unless you change the way that you think.
The reason why this thought trips you up and keeps you trapped in the cycle of feeling hopeless about losing weight is because it’s an unfinished thought. The truth is that when you think that, you’re not really accepting yourself ‘as is.’
What you’re doing is raising the mental flag of surrender because you feel hopeless. The phrase isn’t finished. There needs to be a ‘because’ at the end of it.
So instead of ending your hopeless thought with ‘This is who I am’ you need to change it to ‘This is who I am because.’ When you add the word because it becomes the link to the identifier.
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